Thursday, February 10, 2011

green + brown

Just got some style inspiration from the Edward Hopper (one of my favorite artists, natch) Office at Night painting shown in the second collage and had to share with you guys. How sick is this color combo? Apologies for going all Martha Stewart on you, but this is a unique but definitely presentable color combo that you can wear winter, spring or summer. Why does it work? Probably because it comes straight out of nature- think Redwood trees and terracotta pots. I particularly like the reddish brown in some of these pictures with a bright green, but you can alter it any way you'd like. I have a nice "sienna" (Wikipedia has EVERYTHING) crew neck sweater that I really want to rock with some bright green shorts this spring... anyone know where I can find some? Sometimes I feel like I get myself in a color rut (navy and gray are my go-to choices), so it's good to try some new things. What are your favorite color combos? You know what color combo you shouldn't go for? Black and Yellow... not a Wiz fan. sorry.

Also, considering most of these pictures were copy and pasted into my "Cool Shit" folder on my computer, I don't have most of their sources. If you'd like me to remove them, just let me know. Just please don't sue me.

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