Thursday, March 3, 2011

cadet kelly

Yes, the title references a Disney Channel Original movie... we both grew up on that shit though, don't hate. Hilary Duff's finest role to date sadly. Sucks to suck, Mike Comrie. But what I really wanted to talk about is this jacket from J. Crew called the Cadet jacket. If you didn't know by now, we both really love J. Crew. Some of the more serious men's style junkies may diss the brand and would probably say we ride the J.Crew train too hard, but you can't deny that it's great quality, nicely priced (especially with the 15 percent student discount- remember your ID's) and has something a little unique about it that places like Gap don't have. I'm loving this jacket for spring and thinking it's gonna have to go on my must-haves list. It's got a cool military vibe but at the same time isn't trying too hard, plus at $128 it's super cheap for a jacket with this much detailing. Pair it with some khakis or even white jeans (yes.. I'm considering a pair... never thought I'd see the day) and some dirty bucks and you've got yourself a great spring kit. J. Crew spring collection has a lot of promise, anything you guys are looking forward to? Also... any personal favorite Disney Channel movies? I'm partial to Smart House myself. Sound off in the comments bros.

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