Wednesday, March 16, 2011

corter gives back

 Corter Leather is a great shop run by a great guy if you're looking for something different. I actually got my brother (hey bro!) a Brewster braided belt loop key fob for a high school graduation gift as well as getting one for myself once I got sick of walking around campus with my school logo lanyard... so not my steez. I didn't want him falling into that same trap. Not only are these great, unique products that age really cool (I've had mine for less than a month and it's already showing some cool wear) but the guy who runs the shop and makes everything by hand, Eric, is a really cool guy too. I had a customer service problem, AKA I was an idiot and PayPal didn't go through, but Eric was there to sort out the confusion and help me get my order actually placed. Not only does he care about his business, but he is now supporting Japan aid through selling these bracelets. And the reason he's doing it is even cooler:
 "Japan is special to a lot of us for one reason or another. Their quirky culture, technological innovation, and uncanny ability to perfect anything they get their hands on have always been inspiring to many people. For me, it was their leather workers- Japan took western, Americana-styled leather work, with its frills and studs and carved roses, and stripped it down to a sleek, relatable, modern design while keeping it's roots firmly in tact. Japan is the reason I do what I do today. I started Corter after lusting for a Redmoon wallet in college, studying the KC's website for hours to try and reverse engineer their designs. I scoured Japanese forums, crudely translated through Google, teaching myself how to sew and cut through these folks in Japan."

So, donate! Do something good and up your swag. I'm usually against man jewelry (see below...), but for a good cause and something that actually looks masculine, why not try it out?

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