Thursday, March 3, 2011

raw like sushi

Let's talk raw denim. Gah, when I first started getting into this whole men's style craze, one of the first things I splurged on was a pair of APC New Standards. After reading all the denim fiends' chat rooms and stuff, I decided that APCs were the best of the best and at the most reasonable rice point.. They came, via Context Clothing, and I was in shock. Why the face was I wearing these heavy, thick, uncomfortable jeans? I mean seriously, putting them on was strangely reminiscent of that Chingy song that only a few seconds of gives me bad flashbacks to slutty suburban high school dances. But then I started wearing them. Cuffing them. Doing squats in them to make the butt less tight (we all do it... admit it). Then you start to see the fade. A wallet line right there, a little bit of whiskering somewhere else, and soon enough they look like YOUR JEANS. That's right, you have complete ownership over them- all those Abercrombie bros can buy their ripped and whiskered jeans, but these, man, THESE you EARNED. I started wearing my APCs all the time. They were my class jeans. They were my fun jeans.

I washed them and the color came out even better. Where was Tommy Ton when you needed him? My denim was perfect, and I had become a denim elitist. Then, disaster struck. A hole in the crotch... I was helpless. My old jeans from high school just didn't make the cut anymore. Too generic, too plain. The tailor came to the rescue, stitching them up and you could barely see a thing. The elite denim gods came roaring back though... well, kind of. OK, I got really drunk one night and somehow in the morning there was a big rip down the crotch of my jeans. Pray for my APCs at the tailor this time, because I really would miss them. However, I may have started seeing someone else. I ordered myself a pair of Unbranded denim from Urban Outfitters, and can't wait to see how these bad boys turn out. Tried them on for the first time today (plan on sleeping in them tonight... don't judge) and they felt pretty good. I mean seeing someone else can be tough after a long relationship. Crotch was strangely a little weird but I hope it's just the raw denim being weird. And for $80, half the price of APCs, who can be mean? Denim for the masses, gotta love it. Will definitely let you all know how they turn out in days to come.

OK I just made a love note to a pair of jeans... too far.

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