Wednesday, March 16, 2011

shortie like mine

OK... how do you guys feel about short sleeve shirting? I myself have been a little worried about trying it out in the past but definitely want to see if I can pull it off this spring... just need to find the right one. I feel like they often can look way too Dwight Schrute-ish instead of GQ-ish like when Channing Tatum rocked one a few years back on the cover of GQ. Dude looks fresh:
I saw one at J. Crew the other day but can't seem to find it online. This one from Gitman Brothers Vintage at Context Clothing has steez written all over it, there's just one problem: the price tag. There is NO WAY that I plan on spending almost $200 on something that I probably won't be wearing too often. My thought with splurges is that if it's something you will have for a while and you will wear a lot, do it. Something like a trend, that goes in and out of being cool is a definite no. So, keep me in mind if you see a great, well-priced one somewhere (preferably plaid, less dressy) let me know... I'm even considering trying something like H&M (not a fan... most of their stuff is so euro-trash) to get something cheap.

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