Monday, January 24, 2011

blame it on the leather man

1. Don't make fun of me for the most terrible blog title in the history of this blog... apologizing in advance before I get kicked out of the men's style blogosphere for life.
2. How badly does this picture off of the Sartorialist make you want a leather jacket? I seriously wish I could dress like the guy on the far left every day. Not sure how business school would like that, but damn... serious steez. I have never been big on leather jackets but this dude is making me rethink. Might just have to add that to the list of spring "essentials"... what do you think? Know of any good (and preferably cheap) jackets that look like his?
3. Even though I'm incredibly against smoking... I'd probably do it if meant I could hang out with these dudes. Guy on the left's name is Andrea Ravieli- his blog is filled with pictures of him at cool parties with beautiful women. Check it out if you want to feel bad about how boring your own life is.

This is my favorite look I've seen from the street style blogs (other than Tommy Ton's Pitti Uomo shots, which  basically caused me to JIMP every time I hit the next button), what about you guys?

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