Friday, January 28, 2011

in da club

Riviera Club is a clothing company started by three friends from California. I remember seeing them on A Continuous Lean and digging the vibe they had going of West Coast cool but hadn't really checked up on them after that. Hearing that they're up for the running in GQ's Menswear Designer of the Year award made me look at them again, and damn, I am glad I did. They've taken the great things from their first collections (laid back cool pretty much defines it in my mind) and brought in a classic, masculine vibe. If you dig the whole Made in America thing, everything is made in California. I can see myself wearing any of these pieces (well, besides the Newsies cap-never been a fan, never will) and am already scouring online stores looking for them. Seriously some of the steeziest (and accessible) collections I've seen in a while, making me even more excited for what's coming this spring. I think the best thing about the company is how down to earth the owners seem. How cool would it be to start your own clothing line? My money's on Riviera Club to take the GQMDA win... who do you think will? Also, don't you wish you were pole hiking with these dudes in some random forest? Sure beats my operations management homework...

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