Wednesday, January 12, 2011

bootstrap bill

Yeah, I agree, Red Wing boots are the coolest shoes of the season. On a campus where it gets cold, warm feet are important, and these boots are durable and well-made. Only thing is, they're expensive. At $230 dollars, I'm really not sure if it's justified... like yes, they're steezy as hell, but aren't there any alternatives? I looked and looked, and couldn't find any that had that same iconic look- reddish brown leather with the white sole. Last night at a birthday party hosted at my house, I somehow happened upon a friend of a friend who had these- Eastland's.

Now, even though this kid eventually threw up all over our living room and had to be put to bed at the party, I gotta admit, these were fresh. I wanted them, and best thing is they're more than half the price of Red Wing's at $90. Sure, they might not be as well-made or warm as Red Wing's, but they look just like them and who knows if I'll want them in four years? So, I think I might need to buy these for myself as a little late Christmas present to myself- thoughts?
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