Tuesday, January 4, 2011

we love woolies

Nothing is more appreciated in the Minnesota (endearingly referred to as Minnesnowta by us) weather we live in than wool socks. Walking on campus in negative wind chills is made a little bit better when your feet are warm and looking fresh as well- I love the look of a marled wool or patterned sock peeking out from a cuffed jean or any other pant- I wear my "woolies" with boots, Vans, suede bucks, Clarks and even Sperry's (yes, Sperry's in the winter- please don't yell at me). Here are some great options you should check out if you'd like to feel your toes during your anatomy lecture.
Santa got us both these from Brooks Brothers which I'm embarrassingly a little obsessed with (I love Fair Isle):
 These O'Hanlon Mills socks from Urban Outfitters are old school looking and come in cool colors too.

SmartWool socks are the warmest you can get- I started wearing these for skiing and quickly brought them into my daily wardrobe- seriously they are life changing.

The classic (and inexpensive) version of the wool sock- the Original Rockford sock.

They used to have some that looked just like these from J. Crew, these are half the price and just as steezy:

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