Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the whole kit and caboodle

It's only the first day of the semester but I'm already feeling ready for the spring. Nothing is better than chilling on the campus mall in 60 degrees of sunshine and talking with friends, not to mention that it's not below zero when you go out on the weekends (wearing coats to a party can become a huge hassle, especially when drunk idiots start grabbing the wrong ones... am I right?). All this spring day dreaming got me planning what I want to be wearing, and I made my first ever outfit post to show you. Don't make fun of it, MS Paint can only get you so far... But seriously, this is my unofficial uniform for the spring. White tee shirt (this one is Velva-Sheen, but I probably won't end up splurging on one of those... I have a few from Land's End that I'll probably throw in rotation. Navy pants- these are from Unis, whose chinos seem PERFECT...

"I just want to be perfect."... Black Swan reference... anyone? Good shit, go see it. Not just for the lesbian scene either. But back to the chino's, they really do seem like they may be worth the investment-they're also on sale now, SO, check them out. Buy me a pair while you're at it. If not these, I'll probably go for the J. Crew Bowery pants. The thing I like about these pants is that they can either be dressed up or dressed down... all you have to do is cuff them and show a little ankle over your sneaks.

I'll finish up the look with the amazing G.H. Bass bucks I got for Christmas that I've been wearing on the nicest days we've been getting here in Minnesota so far (basically haven't worn them yet). I don't care if they're only for spring/summer, they look dirty good with raw denim. Style is all about breaking rules, isn't it? I got mine at DSW for even cheaper than the great prices you can find online at G.H. Bass
 Grab your Wayfarer's and you're set. Simple enough for class, steezy enough for some Saturday day drinking. Now all we need is for the snow to go away, leaving us with this:

Spring, come sooner.
Images: 1 (myself), 2 (There Will Be Movies). 3 (Veritas Mens Style). 4 (GQ). 5 (Mr. Materials).

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  1. Your posts are informative and funny, and your photographs are great. Keep writing, boys!